Google Teacher Academy: Blogger, Feedburner, and Podcasting

This page of the wiki was created to support a workshop at the first Google Teacher Academy in Mountainview, California. Participants were introduced to the use of Blogger (and it's ATOM feeds), and Feedburner (for converting ATOM to RSS 2.0 to podcast). They were also introduced to podomatic as a podcast hosting solution.


Blogger for Bloggers (5 minutes)
  • Posting Tab
  • Settings Tab
  • Template Tab
    • Hacking Your Template

Really Simple Syndication for The Really Smart (5 minutes or less)

Feedburner for The Blazing Fast (5 minutes)
  • Why Feedburner? Convert ATOM to RSS
  • Burn A Feed
  • Analyze
  • Optimize
  • Publicize
  • Adding A New Feed to A Blogger Template

Podcasting for The Powerfully Quick (5 minutes)
  • Recording and Editing
  • Hosting or Posting (Including
  • Linking in Blogger
  • The Magic of Feedburner
  • Subscribing with iTunes & Submitting to the iTunes directory

Example Educational Blogs Packed With Features

The Infinite Thinking Machine – Edubloggers share a "bazillion practical ideas" for turning the infinite
universe of information into knowledge. (Sponsored by Google.)

Interactive Chatting Teddies - A blog project involving children ages 4-8 and their teddy bears.

In Need of Coffee – A Student team blog for literature class.

Math 7-42 - A Student team blog with links, and more.

Room One Mapua School’s Blog - A class blog with an online calendar, blogarithm, technorati and more.

Mrs. C’s Senior English Blogs – A class blog with, blogrolls, news in a nutshell, and more.

Mrs. Wagner’s Class – A teacher blog with links, furl, and more.

Marilyn’s Blog – A teacher blog w/ a flicker photostream, clustrmaps, and more.

Country Comes to Town – A principal/teacher blog with clocklink, bubbleshare, and more.

Pep Tech Talk - A principal blog with frappr maps, blog maps, and more.

More Example Educational Blogs

Computer Centers - A blog for kindergartners, using clickable pictures.

The Parent/Child Book Club - Sixth graders studied Touching Spirit Bear with their parents. The author, Ben Michaelson, responded to their questions.

My Year Eight English Experience - A student reflects on books being studied in class, and relates them to life outside school.

Woodland Technology -This blog for teacehrs provides support for the tech team and for the professional learning communities on campus.

More About Educational Blogging

Weblogg-Ed - Will Richardson's blog about the read/write web in the classroom. - David Warlick's blog about literacy in the 21st century.

Edublog Insights - Ann Davis' blog about educational blogging. - A site set up to provide an opportunity for students, teachers, administrators, parents, and others to understand the benefits of educational blogging.

Example Educational Podcasts

The Infinite Thinking Machine – Edubloggers share a "bazillion practical ideas" for turning the infinite
universe of information into knowledge. (Sponsored by Google.)

Andersen's Podcast - An elementary school podcast w/student council news, student poems, science assignments and more.

Mabry Online: Podcast Central - A middle school podcast w/student awards, student performances, science projects, parent testimonials, and more.

VISTAS - A district podcast produced by tech coaches for teachers.

More Educational Podcasts

EPN Web - A directory of educational podcasts.

Be sure to search the Education category in the iTunes podcast directory, too.